How to avoid a fire at home


During our morning conference call, one of the managers mentioned the fire they had on Thanksgiving. After they had taken the turkey out of the oven, and before the oven had cooled down, he put it into the self-cleaning mode. The oven had grease in the bottom from the turkey and the high heat ignited the grease and they had flames coming out. They had to call the fire department, which helped him get the oven unplugged and hauled out the driveway, where they could wait for the fire to go out. The lesson is to make sure the bottom of your oven doesn’t have any grease on it before putting it into the self-cleaning mode.

Another manager related how she had a fire in her dishwasher, due to an electrical problem. Only damage was to the dishwasher.

One other person mentioned how her daughter and son-in-law lost their home and everything in it because of an electrical fire that started when they were away. They had started the dryer before leaving home.

Moral of these stories is to never run an appliance when you’re not at home. This is something I’ve been guilty of, but no more.

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