Another Groundhog’s Day without tacos

Earlier today, my daughter posted on Facebook, that she didn’t celebrate Groundhog’s Day while in college, but decided it that she would have a beer today to honor the day. I added a comment “and a taco”.

The reason for the comment, comes from a very long standing tradition among some friends of mine, of getting together on Groundhog’s Day, and one of us buying tacos for the rest. Many years ago, we actually did eat tacos on Groundhog’s day, but over the decades, it has become a running joke, instead of lunch together.

Considering we’ve all been friends for over 40 years, you can hopefully understand how long we’ve kept this idea alive.

We first discovered tacos and hot sauce when Paul and his family moved to Fargo, ND, after he graduated from high school. On one of our first visits up there, he took us to Taco John’s, and we fell in love (with tacos) and their hot sauce. Eventually, Brainerd was gifted with a Taco John’s, so some of us didn’t have to travel a long distance to burn our mouths and throats. Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to their hottest sauce (only jalapenos minced up), so that now I use it for dipping sauce. But in the old days, it would put a mighty burn in our mouths, which we did enjoy.

I also remember during high school, and beyond, visiting Taco John’s late at night, when one of our friends was working as a taxi dispatcher. We would buy a load of tacos, and then hang out with him until late a night, eating and talking. Now, most of us are in bed fairly early.

So, perhaps some of you can start your own Groundhog’s Day tradition, and be able to carry it forward for several decades. You won’t know, until you try.

Since no tacos were offered today (show sad face) I’ll have to content myself, and Denise, with roast chicken, and whatever extra items I put together, once this is posted.

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