Spring in March

Today the temperature reached 74 degrees. At 9 PM it is 62 degrees. Hard to imagine on the 16th of March, we are experiencing such warm temps. Tomorrow appears to be the same weather and I’m looking forward to spending the day outside working in the garden and doing other chores usually reserved for April, or later. Hopefully, we will get some moisture this week, as the past winter has not given us much snow.

It was very weird to drive around today with windows down and wearing short sleeves. Usually, we are waiting impatiently for Spring and for the snow to go away. With the rain forecasted for next week, we could see green grass in March. Need to adapt to the changes and make the best of them.

On a different note, looking forward to granddaughter’s birthday this Sunday. All of the grandchildren are growing up so fast. I am so glad we moved back four years ago to be able to see them grow up and to spend as much time as possible with them.

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