A quick and easy hoop house for garden beds

Almost a month ago, I was writing about the very warm temperatures in the middle 70’s. My how the weather changes up here. It’s almost 4 o’clock and it is only 35 degrees outside and the lows forecast for tonight and tomorrow night are the low 20’s. The two 4×4 beds I planted with garlic and shallots last fall have been sending up green shoots, and I was concerned the very cold temperatures would kill them off, so I purchased the necessary supplies to build a hoop house to cover the two beds the next couple of days, until it warms up again.

The supplies were inexpensive and easy to obtain at the local Home Depot. I used six 1/2 inch PVC pipes 10 feet long, a one inch PVC pipe 10 feet long, 12 one inch clamps, and part of a roll of plastic to cover both beds. All total, about $20, and everything can be used again.

I started by cutting the 12 six inches pieces from the one inch pipe, and then attaching three on opposite sides on each 4×4 bed, using the clamps shown.



Next step was to insert one end of 1/2 inch pipe into the one inch pipe, and slowly bend over the bed and insert the opposite end into the one inch pipe on the other side.



Last step was to start at far end and unfold plastic wrap, and slowly work it over both beds until they are covered. I left extra on both ends to help pull it taught and put rocks on the excess to keep the plastic in place. The picture shows you the finished product.


If you look close, you’ll see the chickens near the end, scratching around and looking for something to eat. I have left the garden area open this spring, so they can get in there to root around and even do some fertilizing.

All told, the entire project, minus the time spend shopping for supplies, was a 1/2 hour. Now the plants are protected and will give me some wonderful garlic and shallots later this year.


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