Colors of Spring

The crocus are blooming, the first big sign of Spring. Hopefully, the deer won’t notice them for a while, so we can continue to enjoy them. Our tulips are also pushing up and should bloom within a week. Almost all of the other perennials have appeared to survived the mild winter. We do have some shrubs planted last summer that will need to be replaced. The Spring has been fairly wet, which is helping all the plants get a good start for this growing season.


Whenever I’m out in the yard, some of the chickens will follow me around, curious as to what I’m doing and looking for more plants and bugs to eat. They are producing 3 to 5 eggs per day, which is keeping us and the munchkins in fresh eggs this Spring. Hopefully, they have done a good job of fertilizing the perennial beds to help those plants do well this year.

Tomorrow, we have new poultry being added, two turkey chicks that were delivered today. The person who ordered them will bring mine to work and I’ll get them settled into their new home after work. Still working on names, and am considering Thanksgiving and Christmas, Brined and Roasted, or something along those lines. Will build a separate coop and run area for them, as chickens and turkeys can share diseases. And, since they won’t be long term residents, it won’t be fancy. I’m sure the munchkins will find them very fascinating.

Denise is continuing to recover from surgery and is doing well. She drove a car for the first time in two weeks today, and that is a good sign. Tomorrow she takes Princess to be groomed, and then will meet me for lunch. With the forecast looking very good, I’m sure she will spend some time on the deck relaxing.

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