A Saturday with the munchkins

Denise, #2 daughter, and granddaughter are off at a fund raising function called Tables of Plenty. The object is to create a table setting based on a theme, they chose wedding, and then other people their will visit, sample the food and drink, and then try another table. This is an annual fund raiser for our parishes youth group.

Yesterday, Denise and our granddaughter worked together to make a Norwegian Wedding cake (Kransekake). This type of cake became a wedding tradition when my mother first made one when Denise and I were married, nearly 36 years ago.

My sister-in-law will be making one for our oldest daughter’s wedding next month, thus carrying on the tradition.

Here is what the cake looks like when it is finished and put on their table at church. I’m anxious to hear how it worked out, and the people’s response to this unique cake.



Meanwhile, back at home, the boys and I did some work in the garden, and getting plants ready to be put there over the next couple of weeks.

Our first job was to get the three varieties of potatoes set out so they could dry a bit before planting. I chose one small red, one yellow, and one russet variety for planting this year. I had to take over one part of the garage to put up a piece of plywood to use as a drying table.


Our next big job was to work on installing the drip irrigation system for the garden. I hope to have less weeds and grass growing in the garden area this year, as I won’t be using a sprinkler to water the raised beds.

While I was getting the parts and pieces put together for the irrigation system, I kept the boys busy chopping small shoots trying to grow from some stumps in the garden. I first had to show them how to safely use the hatchet, so they could return home with all fingers and toes attached.


We got as much of the irrigation system installed as possible, but not as much as I had hoped to. While some of the runs of 1/2 inch mainline go straight from bed to bed, I decided that some of the runs would have to be buried, so I could maneuver carts around and also not trip over the pipes.


When it’s all done, I’ll run a water line to the garden and set up a timer, so the watering will happen without me having to turn it off and on each time. The system will take a bit of tweaking to see just how long the water needs to run to adequately water the garden.


The next big adventure for today is a trip to Brainerd for shopping, especially for some herbs and other veggies. With all of the time spend caring for Denise, I was not able to get anything more planted than the original flats of tomatoes and peppers. I’ll pack up all the unused seeds, seal them up, and put them in the fridge for next year, so maybe later this year try some in the greenhouse. Looking forward to being on vacation in another week and really getting the garden in, greenhouse up, and all the other work that needs doing around here.


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