The harvest is beginning

The garden has been doing extremely well this year, due in large part to a very wet June. July has not been as wet, as it’s been over two weeks since any measurable rain at my house. I am very glad the drip irrigation is in as it is making the watering much easier than past years.

Almost two months ago, the grandkids were helping us plant the garden with peas, two kinds of beans, lettuce, and spinach.




Here is what the beans and peas look like now. Yesterday, Denise and I harvested beans and snow peas, and after keeping some for upcoming meals, froze ,most of the beans.



Denise cut off the ends of the beans and when she was done, the harvest filled a large colander. I rinsed the bean, and after taking some out for a couple of meals, moved them into the boiling water to be blanched.



I blanched the beans for about three minutes and them moved them into the ice water to stop the cooking process.



I had laid out a towel to dry the beans before vacuum sealing them, and they ended up covering the entire towel.

You can see the vacuum sealer in the background.


Here is the finished product. Only four bags of beans for all the effort, and about one bag’s worth of beans for eating. These will taste very good once the fall and winter have set in.



We froze the beans because we have an electric range with a ceramic cook-top, that won’t handle the high heat necessary to pressure can the beans.

So glad all the hard work from earlier this spring is starting to pay off. The only down side will be all the work to process it for storage, but when we eat it later, it will all be worth the effort.


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