Rebelling Against Winter

Thanksgiving Day started out nicely. The weather was partly cloudy and temperatures were in the mid-forties. But the forecast for the day let us know the nice weather was not going to last, as a cold front with strong winds and snow was heading our way. By mid-afternoon, after the Thanksgiving meal had been eaten, and leftovers put away, the wind began to pick up from the Northwest, signally the front’s arrival. The temperatures continued to drop and snow began falling by late afternoon. I woke up this morning to temperatures in the teens, a wind chill in the single digits, and about two inches of snow. Winter has officially arrived, and no one was really happy to our “other” season beginning again.

My inbox was filling up with Black Friday deals, and I decided to go with one from Tomato Fest and ordered my tomato seeds for next year.

  •      San Marzano
  •      Yellow Gooseberry
  •      Camp Joy
  •      Martino’s Roma
  •      Chocolate Stripes

Ordering the seeds was my way of rebelling against the onset of winter and the long, cold nights ahead, by focusing on the promise of warm Spring days and tomatoes ripening in the  greenhouse and then outside.

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