Having trees removed

IMG_0259I have one big tree in front of my house that has a lengthwise crack that is growing, so I decided to find someone to take it down, along with some other trees on my property. Found a small, local, one-man business that does tree removal at a reasonable price. He and his helper showed up this morning to start removing the trees.

They are also chipping the small branches, which will provide great mulch for our perennial beds and garden.

IMG_0260They started in the front and made short work of the trees I wanted removed. Seems like they are leaving the big one until later, as one of them will have to climb the tree and start cutting the top branches before taking down the main trunk. They are cutting up the trunks into 18 to 20 inch lengths so I can later split them for the wood stove I hope to add this year.

Beyond my garden there are two trees being removed which cast a shadow on part of the garden during the later part of the summer. Both were older and needed to be taken down, which will help the garden do better this year. There was also one to the south of the garden that also cast a shadow during part of the summer, and so I had them remove it. Really looking forward to having more sunlight on the garden this year.

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