A wonderful Spring weekend

IMG_0321The weather finally warmed up this past weekend, and we did our best to enjoy it. I had to shovel a good amount of snow off the deck in order to get to the grill, but it was worth it. Put some polish sausages on the grill for lunch, to kick off another grilling season.



Spent most of the afternoon getting seeds planted in flats in the greenhouse. Planting them much later that I would have preferred. Had problems with the electrical wires I ran to the greenhouse last Fall that took a bit of time to resolve. Was able to get everything started and now the waiting begins. The spinach, lettuce, and kale I planted earlier this spring in the raised bed in the greenhouse are slowing coming up. I also planted some sugar snap pea seeds about 14 years old to see if any would germinate, and much to my surprise, a number of them have sprouted and are growing. I will be saving all those seeds, and they have to be very hardy.

IMG_0322daughter and munchkins helping out with various chores and projects on Saturday, and decided to grill some steaks and red potatoes for supper. The steaks were from locally sourced beef raised on grass, as they should be. Munchkins weren’t too hungry, so had leftover steak for breakfast yesterday and today.


IMG_0323The munchkins wanted smores after supper and had gathered twigs and branches left over from the trees taken down this past Fall. They started the fire and got it going to the point it was ready for cooking marshmallows. Of course, they had to find other  sticks to put in the fire, and play with the fire. 🙂


IMG_0325Once the fire was going, daughter and granddaughter got involved and cooked their marshmallows for smores. By the end of the weekend, the snow right behind them was gone, and the snow on the other side of the driveway went down quite a bit. Spring has been very slow to come this year.


IMG_0324On Saturday, the boys asked about getting up on the roof, not to do anything, but just for the experience. Sunday ended up being a good day to spend  little time on the roof. Once granddaughter saw her brothers climb up on the roof, of course she had to join them. They all behaved quite well up there, which is a little surprising 🙂 Their mother helped get back down onto the ladder and safely on the ground.

After having wonderful weather this past weekend, we are now facing several days of temperatures in the 40’s, with clouds and rain. One thing about living in Minnesota, is that we enjoy good weather when it happens, as it sometimes doesn’t last long. I am hoping the weather improves a lot by later in May when I’m on vacation and hoping to get the garden planted. At least the rain will take care of the rest of the snow and provide some more moisture for the garden and our landscaping.


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