Gardening For Beginners

Starting to garden? Here are 7 tips I wish I knew sooner that will help you on your gardening journey!

Having a small vegetable garden and being a gardening beginner shouldn’t stop you to grow your own vegetables. But if you are scared of doing something wrong or if you just want to improve your gardening skills and thus having a better harvest here are some gardening tips you can follow.

0:00 Small Raised Bed Vegetable Garden – Intro
1:12 Best Gardening method for raised bed
2:45 Best soil for raised beds
4:25 How to plan garden tasks
6:34 Growing vegetables in raised beds
7:54 Protecting raised beds
9:21 Maximize small garden space
10:32 Mulching raised beds

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Growing in raised beds helped me a lot when I started gardening in my new raised vegetable garden. And because I was gardening in raised beds from the start, I learned a lot of trick thus I can share a lot of gardening tips for beginner gardeners.
I rarely hear those tips but, in my opinion, they have a great weight on how you will garden and I am confident they will improve your gardening skills. Starting a raised vegetable garden from scratch with these tips will be easy I promise!


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