Home Garden Tour Part 2

Posted on 01/11/2020
If you are wondering what flowers or plants to grow this season, here I have some easy to grow suggestion for you.
All the plants in my list can be grown in a balcony or even in a garden across India and our in neighbouring countries.

List of plants that can be grown in the monsoon for beginners :

1: Bonsai
2: Kaner
3: Crown of Thorns
4: Sada Bahaar
5: Ixora
6: Cape HoneySuckle
7: Scarlet Passion flower
8: Marigold
9: Hibiscus

I have received a lot of requests on my Channel for a home #GardenTour so I thought of finally making a home garden tour vlog for you guys !
My house garden is seen in a lot of my cooking vlogs and I hope you will find this video interesting.
Will be awaiting your comments.

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