Installing Drip Irrigation in Vegetable Garden

One of the best investments you can make in your vegetable garden is a drip irrigation system. Installing a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer can help to ensure your vegetable plants are always watered and watered the correct amount.

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Drip Irrigation 1/2in Tubing

Drip Irrigation 1/4in Tubing

Drip Irrigation Emitters

Drip Irrigation Hose Bib Fitting

Drip Irrigation Pressure Reducer

Drip Irrigation 1/2in Connectors

Drip Irrigation 1/4in Connectors

Drip Irrigation Tools – Hole Punch and Cutter

Drip Irrigation Analog Timer

Drip Irrigation Digital Timers
* Note: I don’t recommend the digital timer shown in this video. I had recently bought it and shortly after the video was recorded it failed and flooded my garden. Please use this link to view other digital drip irrigation timers

As a beginner gardener you may not be familiar with the irrigation system parts or the process of setting up a drip irrigation system. In this video I discuss many of the common parts used to set up drip irrigation as well as walk through the process of installing and setting up a drip irrigation system with an automatic timer. The use of an irrigation timer can make your vegetable gardening experience much more enjoyable and less stressful.

You may be surprised at how easy it actually is to set up a DIY drip irrigation system for your vegetable garden. Drip irrigation system installation can be completed in just a couple hours with no prior experience. I even offer a tip for installing drip irrigation in raised beds.

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