Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Vegetable garden design can be as unique as you want it to be. Though the general idea is the same; to grow an attractive, healthy, flourishing garden, uniqueness makes it special.

In more traditional vegetable garden designs, a rectangular design has long been employed by gardeners of all ages and levels of experience.

However time-honored traditional vegetable garden designs may be, there’s never a wrong time to begin a new tradition.

How about “stepping outside the box”? Before pouring your sweat and tears into the planting phase of gardening, take a little time to be creative.

Think of different vegetable garden designs that you may have admired, or designs that you may want to pioneer. After all, this is your garden and you can make it as trendy, or simple, as you want it to be.

Do you have a favorite animal or animals? If so, it’s apparent that they have made an impression on your heart, so how about letting their impressions extend to your garden?

Try planting your vegetables in the shape of your favorite animal’s paw print. Now, for those of you that are creatively enhanced, you can design your vegetable garden in the animal’s shape, or face.

The choices available to you are nearly endless. Selection depends upon your ability, or willingness, to create a unique design.

For more simple architecture, rectangular, or square, designs can be used. Try using a wooden, or stone, border for your garden to add some personality to your design.

Raised designs can be utilized as well. Just as people make raised flower beds, you can make a raised vegetable garden ( if size allows ).

You will need a wooden, or stone, border that is tall enough to allow for ample soil accumulation. Just till, border, sow, and grow!

Some simple shape designs you can use are: Hearts, stars, moons, crescents, triangles, circles, or pentagon-shaped.

Basic shapes are easy, yet beautiful, vegetable garden designs you can use to add just the right amount of creativity and personality.

Lace patterns, patchwork patterns, or letters and words, can also be designs you may be interested in.
Spell out your last name, child or grandchild’s name, hometown name, or any variety of words you like.

Religious designs are also beautiful and creative. Adding a touch of your faith to your garden can be one of the most unique vegetable garden designs out there.

Depending upon your personal beliefs, you can use shapes of crosses, angel wings, halos, etc.

Sports fanatics have a place in gardening too! Design your vegetable garden in the shape, or name, of your favorite team.

Using select colors of vegetables, you can even compliment your vegetable garden with your team’s colors.

Animals, animal prints, animal shapes, and other animal features, can be great designs for your vegetable garden.

These designs can be a little more difficult to achieve, but are well worth the time and effort. Keep in mind that nothing is ever perfect, even vegetable garden designs, but the main goal is to have a flourishing, healthy vegetable garden.

Here are some simple steps you can take to design your vegetable garden in a unique way:

1. Draw your design on paper.

2. Pick the vegetables you want to grow so you can plant them in accordance to your desired design.

3. Measure your garden space to be sure you can accommodate your planned design. If possible, use markers to outline your garden space so tilling and planting will be easier.

4. Choose the vegetables you are planning to grow. You can plant each vegetable so that your vegetable garden design can be accented by certain colors or textures. Don’t forget fertilizer and plant food.

5. Till the soil and get busy planting. If you plan on using insecticides, be sure to use them according to their stated directions for proper use.

6. Take good care of your vegetable garden daily. Be sure to get some good pictures to show-off!

Adding a little personality to your vegetable garden is an excellent way to enjoy your garden even more. Also, having a unique design is a great way to showcase your ability to garden well.

Just remember to plan things in advance, choose a design, and remember to care for your garden daily. Having a great vegetable garden design is more achievable than you think.

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